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What to do when your ex starts dating someone else immediately after the relationship breakup

What if your ex is already dating someone?

The bed hasn't even cooled down yet and your ex is already dating someone else?

Check out what you can do.

When a relationship ends, the sense of loss may make it's way into our minds.

But when our love interest starts dating someone immediately afterwards, that's just a low blow!

If what you want most is to forget that relationship, then there is no problem whatsoever. It's simply no longer any of your business.

However, if you still think about winning back your ex, there is a way you could make it into your "competitive" advantage.

The first thing that may come to your mind when your ex shows up with someone else right after a breakup might be:

How long have they actually been together??

You might even begin to question whether there has been any alternate history for this new relationship. You may start wondering an affair might have existed while you two were still a couple.

That kind of paranoia can be very harmful if your main objective is restoring the relationship.

So here is a piece of information that can help you:

In most cases, your ex will be dating someone else in order to forget you!

While you're about to enter in a turmoil, trying gathering the pieces of evidence that support your paranoia, .Enquanto voce está entrando em parafuso tentando juntar as evidências que corroborem sua paranóia, the explanation for this quick relationship can be very simple.

If your ex is at least a little bit attractive, there will always exist a group of people interested in sitting on his or her's bench waiting for a chance to play in the game.

As soon as the opportunity comes, they attack!

But that's their problem.

What matters to you here, in case you're thinking of rescuing your relationship, is the reason why would your ex be giving these people on the bench their shot.

After a relationship breakup, one of the first, and also one of the most popular advices we get from friends and even from other well-intentioned people is that we should try dating other people.

You can bet your ex has heard their quota of this kind of advice.

And in order to get you out of their head, at least as of this moment, this might have been the course of action they think would be worth trying.

But how could this be of any advantage to you?

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