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What to do when you've just broke up your relationship?

What to do when you've just broke up your relationship?

By the time your relationship ends, you seem to lose sight of any purpose. In many ways, in fact, it might even not hit you completely at first.

No matter how much your friends say you have to go out, chill out, or even worse, meet new people ... for what?! - you may think. Who could make you forget the person you love so much? Besides that, nothing seems taste properly.

The problem is that before you start thinking about how to get your EX back, you should first put your house in order.


What to do when your ex starts dating someone else immediately after the relationship breakup

What if your ex is already dating someone?

The bed hasn't even cooled down yet and your ex is already dating someone else?

Check out what you can do.


Check out some tips for reducing this kind of suffering

Reducing the suffering of a separation

Sometimes we're taken by surprise on how much the pain of a separation feelis like a physical pain.

In reality, it's actually somewhat physycal!

When you are going through a strong emotional crisis, your brain will find the pain signal in the same place it would search for it's pain when you hit your toe on a table.

The problem with emotional pain is that it is more persistent.

While your toe will probably heal very quickly, as long as your emotional crisis is not properly addressed, you will keep suffering.

Many people in a sense of desperation to make the suffering go away, may engage in a a series of harmful behaviors, such as drinking too much, abusing drugs, or even overeating.

Part of the problem with these solutions is they may actually bring some "results" in the short-term. But the next moment you will be in a much worse situation than you were initially.

The goal for this article is to give you four techniques that you can apply TODAY in order to reduce the suffering post-breakup. Without the aid of alcohol, drugs, or some other complicated exercises.


Here are some considerations to ponder upon evaluating whether to save your relationship or not.

Is it worth to save my relationship?

First, before you even start outlining a plan of action for getting your ex back, you must be absolutely sure of one thing: Should I Get My Ex Back?

Meaning, is it worth bringing that love interest back, and resuming the relationship?


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