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Autor do Manual da Reconquista

Do NOTHING until you read the whole page!

You are about to get to know the method that will bring your ex back to you, increasing your chances in a significant way!

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I present to you the Get Your Ex Back Manual.

How to bring back a lost love

It has at least 349 pages containing the most efficient concepts and techniques for saving a relationship that has come to an end.

A system that has stood the test of time and has made an impact on the lives of thousands of people seeking to win back a lost love relationship.

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Take a peek at what you will learn:

  • The 3 practical steps you should take during this next month for greatly increasing your chances of getting you back to the love of your life. (pg. 329)
  • I will describe to you in detail, as not to leave any doubts, how should the conversation you will have with your ex take place, when that crucial moment of reconciliation arrives. Always explaining why this approach works. (pg. 348)
  • Is your ex dating someone else? Do not despair. See exactly how to proceed. (pg. 166)
  • Learn to bring back the attraction that used to exist during the beginning of the relationship. (pg. 167)
  • How do you react when you're near your ex? This is one of the most critical aspects of getting your loved one back. It is also at this point most women make mistakes when trying to save a relationship. (pg. 337)
  • Check out which are the causes for most attempts of saving a relationship end up unsuccessful, and know exactly what to do so this doesn't happen to you. (pg. 284)
  • Find out the reasons your ex has so far resisted your attempts for re-establishing the relationship. These concepts can make all the difference between recovering the relationship or losing it forever. (pg. 207)
  • Won't your ex get out of your mind? Obsessive thoughts such as this can end up interfering with your life in a devastating way. I will teach you techniques that will alleviate these "obsessions" so you can focus and regain the necessary control to move forward. (pg. 125)
  • Won't your ex talk to you? The solution is very simple. (pg. 308)
  • Know what NOT to say or what attitude NOT to take upon seeing your EX again next time. This piece of information is key. There are very specific things which, although may seem very tempting, you should NOT do them under any circumstances! (pg. 303)
  • There were reasons for your relationship to be now over. These reasons may show up again during the process of reconciliation. It is very important that you know how to deal with these obstacles when your Ex brings them up in new conversations. (pg. 88)
  • Are you tired of asking for forgiveness and noticing that this doesn't seem to have any effect? Find out why apologizing so insistently can be detrimental at this time of the process for getting back with your ex. (pg. 344)
  • Find out which are the 5 characteristics that may condemn your relationship to failure if you do not take action. This will be even more useful when you finally get to resume the relationship. (pg. 202)
  • Use the method contained in the "Get Your Ex Back" Manual to increase your chances for getting back with your ex even if it was the other person who has ended the relationship.
  • One of the keys for success of the "Get Your Ex Back" Manual is the basis for which we formulate our guidance. You will know exactly the "what to do", "when to do it" and "why do it"'s, of regaining the love of your life.

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The best part is you don't even have to wait for the book to arrive in the mailbox, nor must you pick it up in a bookstore. You will have instant access to it from your computer, tablet, mobile phone or e-reader immediately after purchase for only R$ 49,90.

From now on, each moment counts for you to get back to the love of your life.

And it was thinking about that, I decided to turn my "Get Your Ex Back" Manual into an ebook!

This way, you get to have access to your reading immediately. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive the ebook in your email inbox with detailed instructions on how to proceed for reaching the ultimate goal of bringing back the person you love so much to you.

Check out what was behind the creation of this material

However difficult it may be and no matter how much you feel you are in a fragile, sailless boat and that no one else understands your suffering, we understand.

Breaking up with the person you love is one of the greatest pain a person can endure.

Often, we build our little worlds, not only to live with another person in them, but, more than this, we start feeling that our "little world" exists only with that person.

Over time, that person has become entangled in us and is now part of our very own fabric of life.

How could we now, simply turn around from each other and go our separate ways?

Part of us may end up thinking that it would be as if we were splitting a huge part from ourselves. As if we were cut and turned to half, fifth, sixth, the tenth part of what we once were.

And we from the "GetYourExBackManual.com" understand what you're going through particularly well, because we have seen numerous cases of breakups, and many of those were certainly very similar to yours.

One thing is for sure, you cannot stay in that state forever!

Deciding to regain or forget a loved one

When a relationship comes to an end, or even when it comes to a point of near breaking up, a decision is required from you. And there is no escape from it. Whatever you do, you will be making a decision about your relationship.

The worst decision you could make now would be to stay sit on the fence, only suffering and keeping the rest of your life in a big state of pause.

Time has come to be more decisiveness.

And as such, there are two paths to follow:

  • Either you forget this person once and for all, even though they may have played such an important part of your life - however in some cases this must happen.
  • Or, you fight to get your ex back.

It's worth mentioning there are no right answers which encompass all cases. Whatever your decision may be, at this crossroad of life, you'll ALWAYS be better off than if you were to stay still and do nothing.

If you decide to win back the person you love, we can help you with that. However, we must say this is not necessarily an easy path.

Do not believe anyone who promises you that!

Upon searching the web, you find all kinds of advice. And many of these authors will try giving you the idea that it's extremely easy to get your ex back to you.

For that, you would simply have to buy their products. Simple as that, right?

We know how much easier it becomes to sell a product when illusions are created. But that won't help you at all!

What is actually important right now is that you get an honest estimate of reality. The truth is that if it were so easy to win back someone we loved, most likely the relationship would not have ended in the first place.

So here it comes the first dose of reality: The rescuing of a lost love is a struggle. if you choose to try bringing back to you someone who was yours in the past, you're choosing to fight.

And if you decide to fight, you shouldn't be getting into this fight to lose. You must enter armed with the right knowledge which will make you reach your goal: Bring back to you the love of your life.

Having said that, here is a more positive piece of information for this moment.

When a meaningful relationship ends it is actually quite rare that there would be no chance for reconciliation.

Comprar Manual da Reconquista

Of course, each story has its own intricacies. But when we take a look at the vast number of cases that have passed through us, we can say with some certainty that the most striking difference between them lies in the time frame the window of opportunity for reconciliation remains open.

For some cases there will be a higher time margin. Meaning, the relationship may remain in "hibernation" for a long time and despite that, there would still exist chances for recovery.

But on other cases, that same opportunity is very short. That is, one may have very little time for saving the relationship after the breakup - or maybe they would need to pay attention even before the breakup. That point of the relationship in which things ended, even if no "official announcement" was made.

What is undeniable is that the actions you take during the process of winning back a lost love interest, especially soon after the breakup, will contribute for opening or closing this window of opportunity.

In order to increase your chances, you must have a good plan of attack.

Winning back someone we love is a bit like sailing through rough waters.

Emotions run high, our mind enters a turmoil, and we get a somewhat distorted view of reality.

Sometimes we get very hopeful about our relationship and ready to take the next step, other times we see a particular thing or some memory enters our thought process, making us almost drown into a depression. (Especially if we go on "spying excursions" on social networks)

And that's exactly why you need a plan of action, not only for stop sabotaging yourself trying to get your ex back, but also to take the right actions during this period.

Unfortunately it is perfectly understandable that in the state you are in right now, your mind isn't fully in the right place to face what is to come.

This is where we come in!

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Ivan in the media

What if you could have access to the best system ever developed for wining back the person you love?

You might ask, "How could such a system even exist?".

The story of how I got into this is quite long! (lol)

When I was very young, my parents would move houses a lot, which maybe have left me with something lacking in the field of socialization at the time. Since I had a "shyer" temperament during my younger years, at first what I was looking for was simply to combat a bit this shyness.

However, as soon as I reached the age for starting to have my love relationships, it was then when I felt the most a need for a change.

Of course, my case was not incredibly unique. Many people end up having some kind of personal issue in this area, especially when they are younger and inexperienced.

But I decided that I wanted to get this part of my life handled once and for all.

And so began a great personal journey. I devoured books, met the greatest experts in the field, which by itself gave me a great deal of a challenge, having to sift the wheat from the chaff.

The reality is, I began to notice that what was said by the various authors on the subject didn't always work very well.

I mean, some things worked, some did not.

Even if it would make all the logical sense, when I brought it to my personal experience, I realized many of those advices given by the authors did not always pass the test of reality.

What I noticed was this field of relationships and self-improvement was full of "marketing tactics" and it wasn't so easy to distinguish really qualified people, meaning, people that went through some hardships and actually knew what they were talking about.

I came to find out many of the "authors" didn't even write their own books (something that shocked me quite a lot), they'd simply pay a ghostwriter to do it for them.

I realized that what I was doing right the most on this journey was the act of testing in real life what actually worked, so I could be able to separate it to the side and just discard the rest.

After I gained a lot of experience, I felt that it would only be fair to give back some of the lessons I had the opportunity to learn.

Since I made many friends who had their own struggles in the field of relationships, I helped them.

And time and time again, I got to see that the problem many people had within the field of relationships had a fairly common occurrence.

They were actually trying to save a lost relationship.

But do you know which was the main difficulty?

Many of them came under the influence of really bad ideas. Ideas they took either from simply bad advice, or from a distorted reality due to the fragile state the very process of getting an ex back can impose on one's sight.

So I had to work out first on reversing the harmful effects from the actions produced by these bad ideas that were already being put to practice - Actions which would in fact HARM the process of getting their relationships back - only then could I begin to work in the saving of the relationship..

Hence, I ended up making a compilation of all the knowledge I acquired throughout my journey, so I could be able to transmit it in an easier manner.

Since 2008, I set up a team, forming a relationship consulting agency. And from then on we helped countless people to win back their love interests, among other relationship aspects.

And although it was very satisfying to be able to help each arriving customer, I felt it wasn't enough.

Each workshop often cost about 700 dollars. And not everyone could afford that amount, even though they felt the burning need to solve definitively the problem of saving a given relationship.

That is why I developed a definitive guide for getting your ex back, in which I exposed my system in a comprehensive manner and in a simple way it could be transmitted.

The system I formulated is based not only on deep relationship psychology principle, but in what is specially most relevant, it's based on real-life experiences.

And what makes the system you find in my manual for getting back to your ex so efficient is this "natural selection" of solutions:

After each success story (or even failure), the system became more effective!

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The art of charisma, attraction and saving a relationship, is usually counterintuitive. It is often not enough that you simply create an idea of what to do, imagine the scenario in your head, for that to work.

Only the solutions that get past through the test of reality are really efficient.

You need a plan of action, with well defined steps so you know what to do next.

As of this moment, you may be making a series of mistakes that could permanently jeopardize the saving of your relationship.

One of the most frustrating issues we have to deal with when we're in a dating or marriage situation is dealing with the pain of a breakup and at the same time having to deal with the anguish of not knowing what to do next, having to guess every step of the way what would be the best thing to do to save the relationship.

Acquiring this method you'll begin to avoid the most common mistakes, and will know precisely which actions you should take and what you should say to make the love of your life come back to you so you two could keep building a story together.

Attention, from this moment on STOP IMMEDIATELY doing the following, when trying to get back to your ex:

  • Using and abusing social networks upon trying to contact your ex.
  • Telling them every chance you get that you "love them".
  • Apologizing insistently and swearing everything will be different if he or she accepts you back.
  • Using many kinds of manipulations to force the return of your love interest to you, such as jealousy games, debts, children or even sex to resume contact.
  • Saying this separation is depressing you a lot so the other person feels sorry for you and comes back.
  • Arguing logically about the reasons things went south, and for the reasons you two should try again.
  • Do everything you can to try proving logically that you're a changed person now and that things will be different this time.

Many of the "solutions" listed above are often the most suggested practices from friends and acquaintances, and are also usually the ones most tried actions from people trying to save their relationship.

But these will act against the purpose of winning back your ex!

Most people actually end up pushing away their boyfriends or girlfriends, husbands or wives, trying out common-sense methods. Making the reconciliation farther away !

That's why I insist you need a new plan of action and to stop making the aforementioned mistakes immediately!

I'll show you another way. A better route that will make your Ex not only increase his or her's respect for you, but also increase the attraction they feel around you, even if the breakup was rather ugly.

Within this new path, you will repair any mistakes that may have occurred before the breakup.

In other words, we will bring down the wall that is stopping you two from resuming the relationship!

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I stress again that the Manual does not contain simple advices from common sense, but rather concrete actions that will lead you to the reconciliation of your relationship!

It is important to point out that at no time will this system advise you to stalk or harass your ex in any way. You will get to know the secrets and means for bring back to you the love of your life in a natural way.


Saving a Relationship Consultation

Expert Consulting For Your Special Case

Only for the month of December.

Purchasing the "Get Your Ex Back Manual" during December you also gain access to our specialized consultation, with no additional cost.

Our expert consultation usually costs $ 200. However, in the current discount, you will be granted access without paying anything else.

You're not alone anymore!

About the Author

From now on the rescue of your relationship will be a team effort!

Stop walking the path of darkness, not knowing what to do. We will be together with you to bring you back the love of your life!

Kind regards,

Ivan Cesar's signature

You Don't Have To Decide Immediately...

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This is possibly the most important investment you will ever make in your love life.

I guarantee you will be able to use the things I will tell you in the book during the process of getting back to your ex, and not only greatly increase the chances for your love interest to come back, but also make your relationship much more solid in the long run.

In this book you may find that key piece of information you desperately need, but I also want you to be sure it's what you really want. For this reason YOU WILL HAVE 7 DAYS to make the decision to keep the ebook and check out with your own eyes what it can do for you.

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Read the whole book in order to increase the ability for creating a plan of action that will give you better chances to bring back the love of your life.

Take a week to get the information well assimilated and use that in your Plan of Attack.

If, after reading the book, you decide the material is not for you, or even if you think you haven't found any useful information for your situation, simply answer to the confirmation email you received with the access information in your inbox by typing the word "cancellation" in the subject field, and we will give you a full refund.

f you want to continue with the book though, you don't have to do anything.

I really want to help you bring you back to the love of your life. Every day I receive multiple emails from men and women who have used and are still using the material I made available, letting me know how this system contributed for the success in their individual relationship saving stories. And I want to help you too!

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